Wendell Prize Instructions 2017–2018

Application Instructions for Students Eligible to Apply

Students who complete their first undergraduate year at Harvard College in the top of their class are invited by the Prize Office to apply for the Wendell Prize by early September of their second undergraduate year.

To be considered for the Wendell Prize, eligible students must submit the following items to the FAS Prize Office by no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 19, 2017.   Applications that do not include all of the items listed below by the deadline will be disqualified.

1)  Two letters of recommendation and two corresponding waiver forms

Both letters should be from faculty members from whom the student took courses during freshman year.  The student will need to fill out and sign a waiver form for each of the recommenders. Each recommender needs to sign the form and send it in along with his or her letter of recommendation.  All letters of recommendation must be received by the Prize Office by 5:00 p.m. on October 19, 2017.  The students should make sure that their recommenders understand that no exceptions can be made to the deadline.

2)  Electronic version of Harvard College transcript

The student will need to visit my.harvard to download a PDF of his or her unofficial transcript.  From the “Student Home” page in my.harvard, navigate to the “Grades” tab and select “View Unofficial Transcript.”  The student will then be able to view and save a PDF of his or her transcript.  Once the student has the PDF of the unofficial transcript, the student will upload it, along with his or her written work, when submitting the online application form.  Please see the FAQ about Unofficial Transcripts on my.harvard for more information. 

3)  Online application form including written work

The student fills out and submits the online application form, to which the student will attach a PDF of his or her unofficial transcript and a PDF of his or her best piece of written work produced for a course or Harvard-sponsored activity during the freshman year.  The selection committee encourages applicants to submit research papers written for upper-level courses when possible.  The Wendell Prize application form, which requires applicants to log in, is available to those students informed by the Prize Office that they are eligible to apply.  If an applicant encounters difficulties with the form, he or she should contact the Prize Office at 617-495-4780.

Finalists for the prize will be interviewed by the Wendell Prize Committee in early February. The new Wendell Scholar will be announced by mid-February.

Applicants who have questions about the application process should consult the frequently asked questions page or email the Prize Office at prizes at fas.harvard.edu.